The Pakistan Women Cricket Team achieved a historic moment in Dunedin, securing a significant 10-run victory over New Zealand in the second T20I.This win not only marked a series victory after a prolonged five-year gap but also showcased exceptional performances that left cricket enthusiasts in awe.

The Scores Pak women vs NZ women:

Pakistan’s Impressive Total: 137/6:

The Pakistan team displayed remarkable batting prowess, accumulating a total of 137/6 in their 20 overs. The innings were marked by strategic gameplay and powerful strokes, setting the stage for the historic victory.

New Zealand’s Chase: 127-7:

New Zealand, in response, aimed to chase down the target but fell short, scoring 127-7 in their 20 overs. The 10-run difference intensified the excitement of the match, making every run a crucial factor in the outcome.

Pak women vs NZ women Standout Performances:

  • Muneeba Ali Siddiqui’s Batting: Muneeba Ali Siddiqui emerged as the highest scorer for Pakistan, showcasing her batting prowess with 35 runs on 28 balls, including six fours. Her aggressive yet strategic approach laid the foundation for Pakistan’s triumph.
  • Bowling Brilliance by Molly Penfold: New Zealand’s Molly Penfold proved to be their most economical bowler, claiming 2 wickets for just 17 runs. Her precise bowling added pressure to Pakistan’s batting lineup, displaying her skill and effectiveness on the field.
  • Hannah Rowe’s Resilient Innings: Despite the team’s loss, Hannah Rowe’s innings of 33 runs for New Zealand stood out. Her resilience and skill in the face of a challenging target demonstrated the competitive spirit of the home side.
  • Fatima Sana’s Bowling Masterclass: The standout bowler for Pakistan was Fatima Sana, who took three crucial wickets for 22 runs. Her disciplined bowling and ability to break through New Zealand’s defenses played a pivotal role in securing the historic victory.


Pakistan Women's Cricket Team with a 10-run victory over New Zealand

Pakistan 10-run victory over New Zealand

The Turning Points for Pakistan Women Cricket Team:

The match was a rollercoaster of emotions, with key turning points that shaped the outcome. From Muneeba Ali Siddiqui’s explosive batting to Fatima Sana’s critical wickets, each moment added intensity to the contest.

Implications for Women Cricket:

This historic win goes beyond the immediate series victory. It serves as a powerful symbol for women’s cricket globally, breaking barriers, inspiring aspiring cricketers, and contributing to the growth of the sport on an international level.

Social Media Buzz for Women Cricket:

In the digital age, the win reverberated across social media platforms. Memes, tweets, and posts flooded timelines, showcasing the global excitement and support for the Pakistan Women’s Cricket Team.

See here what Head Coach Muhmmad hafeez said about Pakistan women cricket team after the victory:


Looking back on the trip, winning in Dunedin shows how tough and talented the Pakistan Women’s Cricket Team is. It’s not just about the scores; it’s a big moment for women’s cricket history. It motivates a whole new group of players and fans.


Q.How did Muneeba Ali Siddiqui contribute to Pakistan’s victory?
A.Muneeba Ali Siddiqui’s explosive 35-run inning set the foundation for Pakistan’s triumph.

Q.Who stood out in bowling for New Zealand?
A.Molly Penfold showcased brilliance, taking 2 wickets for just 17 runs for New Zealand.

Q.What is the significance of this win for Women cricket?
A.This historic win breaks barriers, inspires cricketers, and contributes to global women’s cricket growth.

Q.How did social media react to the victory?
A.Social media was buzzing with joy as lots of funny pictures, short messages, and supportive posts flooded in to cheer for the Pakistan Women’s Cricket Team.

Q.What insights did Coach Hafeez share about the team’s performance?
A.Coach Muhammad Hafeez expressed optimism, highlighting the win’s significance for Pakistan’s women cricketers.

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