In the gripping test match between Pak vs Aus test, both teams displayed exemplary cricketing skills, making it a memorable contest for fans. Let’s delve into the innings and analyze the standout performances.

Pak vs Aus test | Australia Win by 79 Runs

In a thrilling conclusion, Australia emerged victorious by 79 runs, showcasing their dominance in both batting and bowling. This match will be remembered for the exceptional performances and the intense battle between the bat and ball. Cricket enthusiasts can relish the moments of skill, strategy, and sportsmanship exhibited by both teams on the field.

Pat Cummins | Australia Captain and Player of the Match

pat cummins Australian Captain

Pat Cummins Australian captain won player of the match

Boxing Day Magic

  • Love for Melbourne: “Love playing here. Boxing Day – the biggest Test match of the calendar. Love the build-up around Christmas.”

Pitch Conditions and Bowling Tactics

  • Pitch Overview: “Last few years, the wickets have been nice. You got a few options here, there’s a bit of seam in the last few years.”
  • Bowling Preferences: “I like a bit of up and down bounce. You can bowl some short balls. The run-up’s always really nice here.”

Crucial Moments and Partnerships

  • Twitchy Moments: “(When Pakistan needed less than 100 to win), felt okay, they were batting pretty nicely, happy with the Rizwan wicket.”
  • Target Setting: “Anything above 300 was the aim, thought we had enough to bowl at, a little bit tight.”
  • Game-Changing Partnership: “Steve’s and Marsh’s partnership really got us back in the game. We were behind for a little while, they were bowling well, had their tails up, wicket was tough.”
  • Hassan Ali Fans moment: Many fans came to see boxing day test match and Hassan Ali was having most fun with his fans.
Hassan Ali Fans Moment

Hassan Ali Fans Moment in test match

Team Spirit and Trust 

  • Calm Dressing Room: “Even at 4/16, the dressing room was calm. We knew someone’s gonna step up.”
  • Team Unity: “Real trust and support in the change room for each other.”
  • Match-Winning Performances: “Every week, it feels like another match-winner stands up.”

Reflection on 2023 and Future Plans

  • Special Year: “Crazy year, lots of success on the field. I think we will look back and remember 2023 as one of the special ones.”
  • Rest and Preparation: “Got an extra day off, chill for a few days and get ready for the next Test.”

Shan Masood | Pakistan Captain

Analyzing the Performance

  • Positives Amid Challenges: “There were a lot of positives. We can easily be like, ‘what if we did this, what if we did that?’ That’s all and part and process of the game.”
  • Learning from Mistakes: “Mistakes happen. In terms of the bigger picture, this is the way we want to play Test cricket.”

Reflection on the Test Match

  • Fighting Spirit: “Playing Test cricket in these conditions, fighting till the end, where a result was possible for us, that’s something we have to take forward as a team.”
  • Game Dynamics: “The game kept turning. Sometimes it’d go Australia’s way, sometimes ours.”

Key Moments and Contributions

  • Toss Advantage: “We were fortunate to win the toss and have the best of the bowling conditions.”
  • Bowling Challenges: “In the second innings, Steve Smith and Mitchell Marsh’s partnership, that put us back again.”
  • Wicket-Taking Achievement: “We have taken 20 wickets which we haven’t done in Australia for a while, that’s a box ticked.”

Areas for Improvement

  • Building on Good Starts: “In terms of runs, everyone got good starts, there were some nice fifties, but in Test cricket against quality sides, you want to get the hundreds.”
  • Conversion Focus: “They are ruthless, you want to convert the fifties into hundreds.”
  • Bowling Acknowledgment: “They have some world-class bowlers in their ranks, if you give them a sniff you might not have enough runs on the board.”

WTC Importance and Game Reflection

  • WTC Significance: “It’s WTC, every Test match counts.”
  • Overall Satisfaction: “Very happy with how we played the game, it’s just about the finishing touches and winning the crucial moments like the Australians did in this game.”

Pitch Appreciation

  • Ground Conditions: “The groundsmen did a wonderful job, one of the better Test pitches that we have played on, something for everyone.”
  • Exciting Test Match: “Very glad that we got to play such an exciting Test match.”

1st Innings:

2nd Innings:


Australia secured victory by 79 runs, demonstrating dominance in both batting and bowling.

Mitch Marsh’s remarkable innings and Pat Cummins’ impactful bowling earned them recognition.

Crucial partnerships, strategic bowling, and tense moments, especially during Pakistan’s chase, defined the match.