Ahmed Shehzad, a prominent name in Pakistan’s cricketing circuit, announced his departure from the Pakistan Super League (PSL). We delve into the reasons have on Ahmed Shehzad’s PSL cricketing career.

Shehzad’s Disappointment

Ahmed Shehzad PSL conveyed his disappointment at not being selected in the PSL draft, a platform where players eagerly anticipate their inclusion in various franchises. The right-hand opener, known for his aggressive batting style, expressed his dedication to performing consistently in the domestic circuit to attract PSL franchises. However, he lamented that despite his efforts, he has been consistently overlooked in favor of what he deems as ‘inferior’ players.

The Neglect Issue Ahmed Shehzad PSL

Shehzad, a prolific run-scorer in domestic cricket, openly addressed what he perceives as neglect by the PSL franchises. His assertion that ‘inferior’ players are favored over him raises questions about the selection criteria and the dynamics between performance in the domestic circuit and PSL team selections.

Fans Left Wondering

Adding an element of suspense, Shehzad mentioned that his supporters will soon find out the reasons behind his consistent exclusion from Ahmed Shehzad PSL. This cryptic statement has left fans speculating about potential conflicts or controversies that might have influenced this decision.

Decision Grounded in Self-Respect

In a cricketing world often marred by controversies, Shehzad’s decision to part ways with the PSL appears to be grounded in self-respect. He emphasized that this choice is a matter of preserving his dignity and self-worth.

Ahmed Shehzad Views On His Retirement


A Grateful Acknowledgment Ahmed Shehzad PSL

In a heartfelt message, Ahmed Shehzad took a moment to express gratitude to his supporters who stood by him during challenging times. Despite the disappointment of not being selected of Ahmed Shehzad PSL draft, he conveyed sincere thanks to those who continued to support him.

Moral Integrity Over Franchise Spots

Shehzad, known for his moral fortitude, asserted that he would never compromise his values, even if it means sacrificing a place in major franchises. This principled stance adds a layer of integrity to his decision to part ways with the PSL.

Patriotic Sign-off: ‘Pakistan Zindabad’

The concluding note of Shehzad’s message carried a patriotic call, ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ (Long Live Pakistan). This fervent declaration hints at his unwavering love for his country, leaving fans curious about the upcoming revelations that might shed light on the reasons behind his continuous exclusion from the PSL.

Confusion Lingers in Cricket Community

Shehzad’s message left the cricket community in a state of confusion, eagerly anticipating the revelations he promised in the upcoming days. The ambiguity surrounding his future statements adds an element of suspense and speculation.

PSL Stats Recap of Ahmed Shehzad

At 32, Ahmed Shehzad last played in the PSL in 2020, representing Quetta Gladiators. Despite a modest performance with 61 runs in seven innings, his cricketing prowess cannot be overlooked. With a total of 1077 runs in 45 PSL matches at a commendable strike rate of 120.06, Shehzad holds the distinction of being the first Pakistani to score a hundred in T20I cricket.

Ahmed Shehzad stats in psl career

Ahmed Shehzad Stats in PSL career

International Achievements

Beyond his PSL contributions, Shehzad’s impact extends to the international arena. Having represented Pakistan in 81 matches, he accumulated 2605 runs with a personal best of 124. This underlines his significance in Pakistani cricket and showcases the depth of his cricketing capabilities.

Early Life and Roots

Ahmed Shehzad, a prominent figure in Pakistani cricket, was born on 23 November 1991 in Lahore. Hailing from a Pashtun family of the Afridi clan, Shehzad’s cultural roots run deep, adding a layer of diversity to his identity.

Multilingual Talents

Beyond his prowess on the cricket field, Shehzad showcases his linguistic abilities. Fluent in English and Urdu, he also holds command over Pashto, reflecting the rich linguistic diversity that forms a part of his heritage.

Childhood Challenges

At the tender age of two, Shehzad faced a significant loss with the passing of his father. Raised by a single mother, he navigated the challenges of childhood in a street near the renowned Anarkali marketplace. This early adversity laid the foundation for the resilience that would later define his cricketing journey.

Cultural Connection: Pashtun Heritage

Being a part of the Afridi clan, Shehzad’s cultural connection to his Pashtun heritage is a significant aspect of his identity. The blend of cultures contributes to the uniqueness of his background and adds an enriching dimension to his personal narrative.

Ahmed Shehzad: A Journey Beyond Cricket Stats

Family Life

On 19 September 2015, Ahmed Shehzad embarked on a new innings of life as he married his childhood friend, Sana. Their love story blossomed into a beautiful family with the arrival of a baby boy in 2017. The joy continued in 2021 with the birth of their second child, a daughter, completing their family circle.

Cricketing Odyssey: Ahmed Shehzad PSL Chronicles

Ahmed Shehzad’s presence in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) has been a rollercoaster ride. From donning the Quetta Gladiators jersey in the inaugural edition to contributing significantly to their PSL victory in 2019, his journey was marked with highs. However, the 2022 PSL edition took an unexpected turn as Shehzad found himself without a team. The unpredictability of cricket’s fate was at play.

Leading the Charge: Departmental One Day Cup

In the 2016–17 Departmental One Day Cup, Shehzad showcased his prowess with the bat, emerging as the leading run-scorer. His impressive tally of 653 runs, including a career-best score of 166 in the semi-final, underscored his dominance in List A cricket. Beyond individual achievements, Shehzad also shouldered the responsibility of captaincy.

PSL Captaincy

The Quetta Gladiators entrusted Ahmed Shehzad PSL with leadership responsibilities. He captained the team, adding another layer of experience and responsibility to his cricketing journey. His leadership stint demonstrated not only his batting skills but also his ability to guide and strategize for the team’s success.

Beyond the Boundaries: Shehzad’s Unselected Phase

The 2022 PSL edition marked a notable phase as Shehzad, a seasoned campaigner, went unselected by any team. The dynamics of team selection in cricket can be unforgiving, and Shehzad found himself on the sidelines. However, his cricketing journey is a testament to the highs and lows that every player navigates.

Ahmed Shehzad: Beyond Boundaries – Records and Achievements

Centurion Across Formats

Ahmed Shehzad etched his name in cricket history by becoming the first Pakistani batsman to score centuries in all international formats – Test, ODI, and T20I. His versatility with the bat showcased his adaptability to different formats of the game.

T20I Dominance

In the T20I arena, Shehzad’s prowess is undeniable. He holds the record for the second-most runs (111*) and the second-most sixes (6) in a T20I innings by a Pakistani. His aggressive batting style and ability to clear the boundaries make him a force to be reckoned with in the shortest format.

T20I Series Triumph

During a two-match T20I series, Shehzad demonstrated his consistency, amassing the most runs (168) by a Pakistani cricketer. This series showcased his ability to deliver impactful performances across multiple games.

Speedster in T20 Cricket

Ahmed Shehzad is the second-fastest Pakistani batsman to reach 5000 runs in T20 cricket. His ability to score quickly and consistently places him among the top run-scorers in the format.

Centuries Galore

Shehzad stands as the second-highest centuries maker in T20 cricket from Asia, trailing only behind stalwarts Rohit Sharma and Babar Azam. His knack for converting starts into three-figure scores sets him apart in the T20 arena.

Lahore Lions’ Leading Run Scorer

As the highest run-scorer for Lahore Lions, Shehzad has been a reliable figure, contributing significantly to the team’s success in domestic cricket.

Rapid Century Achievement

Known for his aggressive style, Shehzad achieved the feat of scoring centuries in all three international formats in just 76 innings, making him the second-quickest batsman globally, behind Lokesh Rahul.

Quetta Gladiators Milestone

Until 2021, Ahmed Shehzad held the title of the highest run-scorer for Quetta Gladiators. His contributions played a pivotal role in the team’s campaigns in the Pakistan Super League.

Boundary Blitz

In a remarkable T20 inning, Shehzad stamped his authority with the record for the most boundaries – 20 fours in a single match. His ability to find gaps and dispatch the ball to the boundary showcased his batting prowess.

Trailblazer Against South Africa

Shehzad became the first Pakistani batsman to score a hundred against Cricket South Africa in South Africa, showcasing his ability to perform on challenging pitches against quality opposition.

Youthful Test Milestone

In Test cricket, Shehzad earned the distinction of being the youngest Pakistani player to score 150+ runs in a test inning, underlining his early impact on the longer format.

T20 Records: Speed and Partnership

Shehzad once held the record for the fastest century in T20 cricket from Pakistan (40 balls) until 2020. Additionally, he formed the highest T20I partnership for Pakistan along with Mohammad Hafeez (143*), a record standing until 2021.

Fielding Excellence

Shehzad boasts the record for the most catches in the field for the Pakistan national under-19 cricket team, showcasing his prowess beyond batting.

Consistent Centurion

With five centuries, Shehzad holds the record for the second-most centuries in T20 cricket from Pakistan, adding a consistent touch to his explosive batting.

PSL Glory and Leadership

In the finals of the Pakistan Super League, Shehzad holds records for the most half-centuries and centuries, contributing significantly to Quetta Gladiators’ success. As captain, he scored 630+ runs, leading his team to victory in the departmental one day cup in 2016 and earning the Man of the Final award.

BPL Triumph

Shehzad’s excellence extended to the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) in 2012, where he was crowned the Man of the Tournament, showcasing his impact on the international stage.

PSL 2019 Glory

During the fourth edition of the PSL in 2019, Shehzad scored 341 runs with an average of 51 for Quetta Gladiators, playing a pivotal role in lifting the trophy for the team.

Conclusion: Ahmed Shehzad – A Tapestry of Cricketing Feats

In conclusion, Ahmed Shehzad’s cricketing journey is a tapestry woven with records, achievements, and a commitment to excellence. From T20 fireworks to Test milestones, his impact on Pakistani cricket transcends formats, leaving an indelible mark.

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