As cricket enthusiasts bid farewell to one of Pakistan’s seasoned players, Asad Shafiq, a new chapter unfolds in his career. This time, it’s not about scoring runs on the field but making crucial decisions from the sidelines. Let’s delve into the journey of Asad Shafiq and the significant announcement of his retirement and subsequent appointment as a selector for the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

Asad’s Cricket Journey

Early Career

Asad Shafiq’s journey in cricket began with promise and determination. From his early days, he displayed a flair for the game that caught the attention of cricket pundits and fans alike.

Test Matches Performance

Shafiq’s contribution in the longest format of the game is noteworthy. With 77 Test matches under his belt, he accumulated 4660 runs at an impressive average of 38.19. His tally includes 12 centuries and 27 half-centuries, illustrating his prowess as a dependable batsman.

ODIs and T20Is Contributions

While Asad Shafiq’s dominance was evident in Test cricket, he also made valuable contributions in ODIs and T20Is. In 66 ODIs, he amassed 1336 runs, showcasing his adaptability across formats. His stint in 10 T20Is saw him score 192 runs at an average of 19.20.

Reasons Behind Retirement

Loss of Passion

In a candid revelation, Shafiq admitted losing the passion and excitement to play the sport he loved the most. This introspective decision reflects the honesty of a player recognizing the changing dynamics of his relationship with the game.

Declining Fitness

Coupled with the waning passion, Shafiq acknowledged a decline in his fitness levels. Cricket demands peak physical condition, and Shafiq’s decision to step back aligns with a commitment to maintaining the highest standards in the sport.

Asad Shafiq’s Achievements

Test Centuries and Half-Centuries

As we bid adieu to his playing days, it’s crucial to celebrate Asad Shafiq’s remarkable achievements. The 12 Test centuries and 27 half-centuries stand testament to his consistency and ability to anchor the innings.

ODI and T20I Stats

Shafiq’s contributions weren’t limited to the traditional format. His performances in ODIs and T20Is underline his adaptability and skill set, making him a valuable asset for Pakistan in various cricketing arenas.

Transition to PCB Selector


In a surprising turn of events, Asad Shafiq announced his association with the PCB as a selector. This move adds a new dimension to his cricketing journey, indicating a seamless transition from the pitch to the selection panel.

Asad’s New Challenge

Shafiq expressed his anticipation for the new challenge, signifying a shift from playing to contributing in a different capacity. His insights and experience promise to be invaluable assets for PCB’s selection decisions.

Impact on Pakistani Cricket

Shafiq’s Role as Selector

As Asad Shafiq takes on the role of a selector, the Pakistani cricket fraternity awaits the impact of his decisions. His understanding of the game and familiarity with the current crop of players could shape the future of Pakistani cricket.

Reactions from Cricket Community

The cricketing world has been buzzing with reactions to Shafiq’s dual role. From fellow players to cricket analysts, everyone is eager to witness how Shafiq’s cricketing acumen translates into strategic decisions for Pakistan.

  1. Why did he Asad Shafiq’s  decide to retire?
    • Asad Shafiq cited a loss of passion for playing and a decline in fitness as the primary reasons for his retirement.
  2. How many Test centuries does  have?
    • Asad Shafiq scored a total of 12 Test centuries in his illustrious career.
  3. What are  statistics in ODIs?
    • In 66 ODIs, Asad Shafiq amassed 1336 runs at an average of 24.74.
  4. What is  new role in PCB?
    • Asad Shafiq has joined the PCB as a selector, taking on the responsibility of shaping the future of Pakistani cricket.
  5. How did the cricket community react to Shafiq’s retirement and new role?

Reactions from the cricket community have been diverse, with many expressing curiosity and anticipation regarding Shafiq’s impact as a selector.

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