The match between PM-XI vs PAK at Manuka Oval in Canberra scheduled to start at 4:30 AM Pakistan Time, holds immense significance for both teams. As Pakistan vs Australia gear up for a challenging Test series. the newly appointed captain, Shan Masood, leads the Pakistan team side into a crucial four-day warm-up match .

Shan Masood vs Nathan McSweeney’s as the New Captain

Dive into the cricketing spectacle as Shan Masood takes the helm as Pakistan’s Test team captain, facing off against Nathan McSweeney’s Prime Minister’s XI in Australia. Explore the strategic showdown, leadership dynamics, and the thrilling clash between two cricketing minds. Stay updated on the battle between experience and youthful exuberance in this captivating encounter on Australian soil.

Challenges Faced by Pakistan, PM-XI vs PAK in Australia

Historically, Pakistan has faced formidable challenges in Test series in Australia. Despite their cricketing prowess, securing a victory on Australian grounds has eluded them. The team is keen to address this historical setback and forge a new narrative.

Team Preparation for the Test Series

Recognizing the intensity of the upcoming series, the Pakistani team values the importance of a rigorous warm-up match. This practice game serves as a crucial preparatory phase, allowing the players to acclimate to the Australian conditions and fine-tune their strategies.

Revamped Pakistani Team

With a revamped squad, Pakistan aims to turn the tables on their past performances. The inclusion of new talent and strategic changes within the team instills a sense of anticipation and excitement among fans and cricket enthusiasts.

Warm-up Match

The four-day warm-up against Prime Minister’s XI at Manuka Oval in Canberra. This match serves as a litmus test for the Pakistani team, offering a real-time assessment of their readiness for the challenging series ahead.

Past Setbacks and Determination

Acknowledging past setbacks, the Men in Green enter this tour with a renewed determination to showcase their capabilities. The team is fueled by a collective desire to overcome challenges and make a mark on Australian soil.

Match Result

Pakistan declared at 391/9, and the Prime Minister’s XI scored 367/4. The match ended in a draw.

pakistan vs pm x1 Match draw

pakistan vs pm x1 Match draw

Focus on Test Series Victory

The ultimate goal for Pakistan is to secure a Test series victory in Australia. The team’s commitment, strategic planning, and mental fortitude will be put to the test, with every player geared up to contribute to this historic achievement.

Manuka Oval in Canberra

Manuka Oval, the venue for the warm-up match, adds a unique charm to the encounter. Its historical significance and the challenges it presents will set the stage for an exciting and closely watched battle between bat and ball.

The Road Ahead: Series Predictions

As the warm-up match unfolds, cricket enthusiasts will indulge in speculation about the series’ possible outcomes. The anticipation for an exciting and closely contested Test series between Pakistan and Australia is palpable.


The PM-XI vs PAK warm-up match is not just a precursor to the Test series but a defining moment for both teams. Shan Masood’s captaincy, the challenges faced by Pakistan, and the collective determination to secure a Test series victory contribute to the intrigue surrounding this tour. As the cricketing world watches, the stage is set for a thrilling battle Down Under.


Q. When does the PM-XI vs PAK warm-up match start in Pakistan?
A. It begins at 4:30 AM Pakistan Time.

Q. Who is leading the Pakistan Test team in the warm-up match?
A. Shan Masood is the captain in test cricket Of Pakistan Team.

Q. Why is the warm-up match crucial for Pakistan’s preparation?
A. It helps them adapt to Australian conditions.

Q. What is the focus of the revamped Pakistani team?
A. Overcoming past performances with new talent.

Q. What was the result of the warm-up match at Manuka Oval?
A. Pakistan declared at 391/9, and PM-XI scored 367/4, resulting in a draw.

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