The Islamabad United Squad 2024, under the guidance of Captain Shadab Khan, is set to redefine the standards of cricketing excellence in PSL 9, 2024.

Islamabad United’s Exciting PSL Journey

The team secured its maiden PSL championship by triumphing over Quetta Gladiators in the inaugural final. Subsequently, in the third season of the PSL, they clinched their second title, emerging victorious against Peshawar Zalmi by three wickets in the final. Currently, the franchise holds the distinction of being the most successful in the competition’s history, boasting two title victories.

Come along on a fascinating journey through Islamabad United’s experience in the Pakistan Super League, starting from its beginning in 2016. In this story, we explore the heart of the team, spotlighting its inner workings, the dedicated owners Ali Naqvi and Amna Naqvi, and the smart strategies crafted by Coach Azhar Mahmood. Join us for a simple yet enlightening peek into Islamabad United’s important achievements and the key figures molding its path in the T20 League.

Islamabad United Squad 2024

Overview of Islamabad United
T20 LeaguePakistan Super League 2024
CaptainShadab Khan
CoachAzhar Mahmood
OwnersAli Naqvi and Amna Naqvi

Owners of Islamabad United 

The heartbeat of Islamabad United resonates in its ownership. Amna Naqvi and Ali Naqvi, at the helm of Leonine Global Sports, infuse the franchise with a winning spirit. Their commitment has seen Islamabad United clinch the PSL title twice, a testament to their strategic vision and dedication.

Coaching and Captain of Islamabad United Squad 2024:

Azhar Mahmood and Saeed Ajmal

In the realm of cricket, the coaching brilliance of Azhar Mahmood and Saeed Ajmal takes center stage in steering the formidable Islamabad United Squad 2024. Renowned for his strategic acumen, Azhar Mahmood, alongside Saeed Ajmal, serving as the Spin Bowling Coach, infuses the team with a wealth of experience. Their collective expertise is instrumental in molding Islamabad United into a cricketing powerhouse, setting the stage for a season brimming with strategic prowess and spin bowling excellence.

Captain of Islamabad United Squad 2024

In the exciting story of Islamabad United Squad 2024 in the Islamabad United Squad 2024, Captain Shadab Khan plays a crucial role as the leader and heart of the team. Shadab Khan, known for his excellent cricket skills, not only leads the team but also embodies the spirit and values of Islamabad United.

Islamabad United Squad 2024

Shadab Khan, Captain of Islamabad United for PSL 9

Shadab Khan leadership goes beyond the cricket field, showing qualities like smart planning, toughness, and a love for the game. Shadab Khan not only motivates his teammates but also brings an energetic approach to the game. He is not just a captain; he is the main driving force behind Islamabad United’s quest for success in the T20 League. As the team faces challenges and victories in PSL 2024, Shadab Khan is at the center, guiding the franchise towards cricketing excellence with a mix of clever tactics and unwavering determination.

Islamabad United Squad 2024

Azam Khan
Jordan Cox
Alex Hales
(Opening Batter)
Colin Munro
(Opening Batter)
Agha SalmanTom Curran
Faheem AshrafImad Wasim
Qasim AkramShadab Khan (Captain)
Shahab Khan
Matthew FordeTymal Mills
Naseem ShahRumman Raees
Hunain ShahShahab Khan
Shamyl HussainUbaid Shah
Islamabad united full squad PSL 9

Islamabad United full squad PSL 9,2024

Transitioning into Squad Dynamics

As we embark on an exploration of the Islamabad United Squad 2024, an enthralling journey unfolds. The franchise’s strength lies in its exceptional personnel, meticulously selected to embody the essence of cricketing excellence.


Azam Khan, Jordan Cox, Alex Hales, and Colin Munro stand as the formidable front liners in the battalion of batters. Their mastery in shaping innings and unleashing powerful strokes introduces an element of unpredictability to Islamabad United’s batting lineup.


Agha Salman, Tom Curran, Faheem Ashraf, Imad Wasim, Qasim Akram, and the charismatic Shadab Khan (also serving as the Captain) bring an unmatched level of versatility to the squad. Their capability to make significant contributions with both bat and ball amplifies the team’s strategic adaptability.


The bowling lineup, spearheaded by Matthew Forde, Tymal Mills, Naseem Shah, Rumman Raees, Hunain Shah, Shahab Khan, Shamyl Hussain, and Ubaid Shah, forms a collective powerhouse of precision. Their strategic variations and knack for securing crucial wickets establish them as indispensable assets to Islamabad United’s formidable arsenal.

In dissecting the squad dynamics, it becomes evident that Islamabad United has meticulously assembled a team that not only epitomizes skill but also embodies the spirit of cricketing excellence. The stage is set for a thrilling season, with each player poised to contribute their unique prowess to propel Islamabad United to new heights in the realm of T20 cricket.

Other Squads of PSL 9:

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How many titles Islamabad united has won?

Islamabad United has won the PSL title twice, in the inaugural season and the third season.

Who is the captain of Islamabad United?

Shadab Khan serves as the captain of Islamabad United.

Tell us about the coaching staff?

The coaching staff includes Azhar Mahmood as the Head Coach and Saeed Ajmal as the Spin Bowling Coach.