As the 2024 season of the Pakistan Super League unfolds, Peshawar Zalmi Squad 2024 emerges as a dynamic contender. Established in 2015, following the announcement of the inaugural PSL by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), the team has carved a niche for itself in the cricketing landscape.

Peshawar Zalmi Exciting PSL Journey

Peshawar Zalmi thrilling journey in the PSL unfolded during a riveting match against Quetta Gladiators in final of PSL in 2017, ultimately resulting in a 58-run victory for Peshawar. The accolade of the man of the match was bestowed upon Darren Sammy, the captain of Peshawar.

Team Overview

Overview of Peshawar Zalmi
T20 LeaguePakistan Super League 2024
CaptainBabar Azam
CoachMuhammad Akram
OwnersJaved Afridi

Owner of Peshawar Zalmi

Javed Afridi’s ownership of Peshawar Zalmi goes beyond a mere title; it’s a commitment to a vision. Established in 2015, the team’s inception followed the announcement of the inaugural Pakistan Super League (PSL) by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). Afridi’s strategic decisions and unwavering support have been instrumental in shaping the team’s identity and trajectory.

Peshawar Zalmi Squad 2024

Babar Azam (Captain)Asif Ali
Haseebullah Khan (Wicketkeeper /Batter)Tom Kohler- Cadmore (Wicketkeeper /Batter)
Mohammad HarisRovman Powell
Saim Ayub
Aamer JamalDan Mousley
Khurram ShahzadMehran Mumtaz
(Replacement coming)Lungi Ngidi
Noor AhmadSalman Irshad
Arif YaqoobMohammad Zeeshan
Umair Afridi
Peshawar Zalmi Squad 2024

Peshawar Zalmi Squad 2024 for PSL 9

Coaching and Captain of Peshawar Zalmi Squad 2024

Peshawar Zalmi Coach

Peshawar Zalmi has appointed Darren Sammy as head coach for 9th edition of PSL 2024. Darren Sammy was the former West Indies captain and all rounder.

Peshawar Zalmi also has the expertise of Mohammad Akram. A former Pakistani representative in Test and ODI matches, Akram decade-long stint playing County Cricket in the UK enriched his cricketing acumen. Serving as the head coach of the National Cricket Academy and the bowling coach for the national team, Akram brings a wealth of experience to the coaching arena. His multifaceted roles, including commentary for Ten Sports and Sky Sports London, showcase a deep understanding of the game. As the Director of Cricketing Affairs and Peshawar Zalmi coach, Mohammad Akram guidance is pivotal in honing the team’s skills and strategy.

Captain of Peshawar Zalmi Squad 2024

Babar Azam, a right-handed batter extraordinaire, holds the prestigious position of the Pakistan National Cricket Team’s current white and red ball captain. His consistent presence in the ICC Top 10 charts across all three formats underscores his cricketing prowess. Hailing from Lahore, Babar Azam journey through youth cricket, including representing Pakistan in the Under-15s World Championship in 2008 and the Under-19 World Cups in 2010 and 2012, adds a compelling narrative to Peshawar Zalmi lineup. Elevated to the T20I and ODI captaincy in 2019 and subsequently named Test captain in 2021, Babar Azam leadership is the cornerstone of the team’s strategy.

Babar Azam

Captain Babar Azam Peshawar Zalmi for PSL 9

Transitioning Through Successes and Challenges

As the team strides into the 2024 season, it confronts the challenges and embraces the opportunities that define cricketing journeys. The transitional phases between victories and setbacks are the crucibles where character is forged. In 2019, Babar Azam assumed the T20I and ODI captaincy, and in 2021, he took the reins as the Test captain, marking pivotal moments in the team’s trajectory. The transition in leadership reflects not only the evolution of individual players but also the team’s adaptability to changing dynamics.

Team Players


At the forefront are the explosive batters, Asif Ali and Babar Azam, whose blades carve through opposition bowling attacks. Asif Ali, known for his power-hitting prowess, and the cricketing luminary Babar Azam, whose elegant strokes have left an indelible mark on the cricketing canvas, embody the artistry of run-making. Their partnership promises to be the cornerstone of Peshawar Zalmi batting might.


In the heart of the squad, all-rounders Aamer Jamal and Dan Mousley bring versatility that adds layers to Peshawar Zalmi’s strategy. Aamer Jamal, a double threat with both bat and ball, and Dan Mousley, a dynamic force excelling in multiple facets of the game, provide the team with tactical flexibility. Their ability to contribute in various dimensions makes them invaluable assets.


Completing the triumvirate are the bowlers, the architects of opposition collapses. Khurram Shahzad’s spin wizardry and Lungi Ngidi’s intimidating pace create a formidable bowling arsenal. Their ability to take crucial wickets and control the flow of runs will be pivotal in shaping Peshawar Zalmi’s defensive strategies.

The heartbeat of Peshawar Zalmi resonates with the anticipation of fans, echoing the promise of an exhilarating season where the team’s collective talent, under the leadership of Captain Babar Azam, will take center stage. As the tournament unfolds, cricket enthusiasts eagerly await the symphony that Peshawar Zalmi diverse squad is poised to perform, leaving an indelible mark on the cricketing landscape.

Other Squads of PSL 9:

Naveen Ul Haq in PSL 9:

Neveen Ul Haq was picked by Peshawar Zalmi in HBL PSL 2024 drafts for PSL 9 but he is stopped by ACB.Naveen-ul-Haq has made the decision not to participate in PSL 9 or any other league for the next two years. This comes as the Afghanistan Cricket Board delays central contracts for Mujeeb ur Rehman, Naveen-ul-Haq, and Fazal Haq Farooqi due to their expressed intentions to be released from contracts in order to prioritize participation in various leagues. As a result, the ACB has decided not to grant a No Objection Certificate (NOC) to them for the next two years.

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Who are the key batters in Peshawar Zalmi’s squad?

Peshawar Zalmi explosive batters include Asif Ali and the team’s captain, Babar Azam, known for their power-hitting and elegant strokes, respectively.

Which all-rounders add versatility to the team?

Aamer Jamal and Dan Mousley are the key all-rounders in Peshawar Zalmi’s squad, providing a dynamic edge with both bat and ball.

When was Peshawar Zalmi established, and what league do they play in?

Peshawar Zalmi was established in 2015 and participates in the Pakistan Super League (PSL).

When Peshawar Zalmi won PSL title?

Peshawar Zalmi won their first title in 2017 against Quetta Gladiators.

Who is owner of Peshawar Zalmi ?

Javid Afridi is the owner of Peshawar Zalmi.