The PSL schedule 2024 for 9th edition has been released. The tournament kicks off on 17th February and wraps up with the final match on 17th March. The matches will be spread across four places: Rawalpindi, Multan, Lahore, and Karachi. The final match and all playoffs are happening in Karachi.

PSL Venue 2024:

The distribution of matches across venues for PSL 9 is as follows:

Stadium NameCity NameMatches
Gaddafi StadiumLahore9
Multan Cricket Stadium Multan5
National StadiumKarachi11
Pindi Cricket StadiumRawalpindi9
PSL venues 2024 for 9th edition

PSL 9 venues 2024

The initial schedule indicates that National Stadium Karachi is planned to host 11 matches, with Gaddafi Stadium Lahore and Pindi Cricket Stadium Rawalpindi closely behind, each hosting nine matches. Additionally, Multan is expected to be the host for five matches.

PSL 9 Timing:

According to PSL Schedule 2024, the games are scheduled to take place mostly in the evening, and on certain days, there will be doubleheaders, meaning there will be both day and night matches. Day matches are anticipated to kick off at 2:00 PM, while night matches are set to start at 7:00 PM Pakistan Standard Time. Keep an eye out for more updates on the PSL 9 schedule, as this information is currently tentative and subject to change according to official sources.

PSL Team Captains:

psl 9 captains

psl 9, 2024 captains

Lahore QalandersShaheen Shah Afridi
Multan SultansMuhammad Rizwan
Islamabad unitedShadab Khan
Karachi KingsShan Masood
Quetta GladiatorsRilee Rossouw
Peshawar ZalmiBabar Azam

PSL Schedule 2024 For 9th Edition:

 17 February 2024Match 1Lahore Qalandars V Islamabad UnitedLahoreNightIslamabad United won by 8 wickets
 18 February 2024Match 2Quetta Gladiators V Peshawar ZalmiLahoreDayQuetta Gladiators won by 16 runs
 18 February 2024Match 3Multan Sultans V Karachi KingsMultanNightMultan Sultans won by 55 runs
 19 February 2024Match 4Lahore Qalanders V Quetta GladiatorsLahoreNightQuetta Gladiators won by 5 wickets
20 February 2024Match 5Multan Sultans V Islamabad UnitedMultanNightMultan Sultans won by 5 wickets
21 February 2024Match 6Peshawar Zalmi V Karachi KingsLahoreDayKarachi Kings won by 7 wickets
 21 February 2024Match 7Multan Sultans V Lahore QalandarsMultanNightMultan Sultans won by 5 wickets
22 February 2024Match 8Quetta Gladiators V Islamabad UnitedLahoreNightQuetta Gladiators won by 3 wickets
 23 February 2024Match 9Multan Sultans V Peshawar ZalmiMultanNightPeshawar Zalmi won by 5 runs
 24 February 2024Match 10Lahore Qalandars V Karachi KingsLahoreNightKarachi Kings won by 3 wickets
 25 February 2024Match 11Multan Sultans V Quetta GladiatorsMultanDayMultan Sultans won by 13 runs
25 February 2024Match 12Lahore Qalandars V Peshawar ZalmiLahoreNightPeshawar Zalmi won by 8 runs
 26 February 2024Match 13Peshawar Zalmi V Islamabad UnitedLahoreNightPeshawar Zalmi won by 8 runs
 27 February 2024Match 14Lahore Qalandars V Multan SultansLahoreNightMultan Sultans won by 60 runs
28  February 2024Match 15Karachi Kings V Islamabad UnitedKarachiNightIslamabad United won by 8 wickets
29  February 2024Match 16Karachi Kings V Quetta GladiatorsKarachiNightQuetta Gladiators won by 5 wickets
02 March 2024Match 17Peshawar Zalmi V Lahore QalandarsRawalpindiDayMatch abandoned
02 March 2024Match 18Islamabad United V Quetta GladiatorsRawalpindiNightMatch abandoned
03 March 2024Match 19Karachi Kings V Multan SultansKarachiNight

Multan Sultans won by 20 runs

04 March 2024Match 20Islamabad United V Peshawar ZalmiRawalpindiNightIslamabad United won by 29 runs
05 March 2024Match 21Multan Sultans V Peshawar ZalmiRawalpindiNightPeshawar Zalmi won by 4 runs
06 March 2024Match 22Quetta Gladiators V Karachi KingsRawalpindiNightKarachi Kings won 7 wickets
06 March 2024Match 23Islamabad United V Lahore QalandarsRawalpindiNight Lahore Qalandars won by 17 runs
07 March 2024Match 24Islamabad United V Karachi KingsRawalpindiNightIslamabad United won by 5 wickets
08 March 2024Match 25Peshawar Zalmi V Quetta GladiatorsRawalpindiNightPeshawar Zalmi won by 76 runs
09 March 2024Match 26Karachi Kings V Lahore QalandarsKarachiNightKarachi Kings won 3 wickets
10 March 2024Match 27Islamabad United V Multan SultansRawalpindiDayIslamabad United won by 3 wickets
10 March 2024Match 28Quetta Gladiators V Lahore QalandarsKarachiNightQuetta Gladiators won by 6 wickets
11 March 2024Match 29Karachi Kings V Peshawar ZalmiKarachiNight Peshawar Zalmi won by 2 runs
12 March 2024Match 30Quetta Gladiators V Multan SultansKarachiNightMultan Sultans won by 79 runs
14 March 2024QualifierPeshawar Zalmi V Multan SultansKarachiNightMultan Sultans won by 7 wickets
15 March 2024Eliminator 1Islamabad United V Quetta GladiatorsKarachiNightIslamabad United won by 39 runs
16 March 2024Eliminator 2Eliminator 1 Winner v Qualifier Runner-upKarachiNightIslamabad United won by 5 wickets
18 March 2024Match 34Islamabad UnitedKarachiNightIslamabad United 2 wickets


The PSL 2024 promises an exciting lineup of matches across different cities, with Karachi being the focal point for the final showdown. Stay tuned for updates on match timings and any changes to the tentative schedule provided by official sources. The cricket action is set to unfold from February 17 to March 17, offering fans a thrilling tournament experience.

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Q. When does PSL 9 start and end?
A. The tournament begins on 17th February and concludes with the final match on 17th March.

Q. Where will the matches be played?
A. Matches will be held in four cities: Rawalpindi, Multan, Lahore, and Karachi. The final and all playoffs are set to take place in Karachi.

Q. How are matches distributed among venues?
A. Karachi hosts 11 matches, Lahore and Rawalpindi each host nine, and Multan is the venue for five matches.